The CoFra Squad charter

1. Preamble

The signatory teams of this charter as well as the players associated with them commit themselves to respect her, to promote the values of e-sport and to open toward the international Squad community.

2. General behavior

  1. Any insulting pseudonym, of homo-phobic caracter, racist, xenophobic, glorifying violence is totaly prohibited.

3. Behavior in-game

  1. The player and the squad leader commit themselves to the respect of the server’s rules they are in.
  2. Any inappropriate behavior written or said on a server, namely, insulting, offensive, of homo-phobic caracter, racist, xenophobic or violent is totaly prohibited.

1. As a player

  1. The player commit joining a squad and follow the squad leader’s instructions.
  2. The player shouldn’t disturb the squad leader’s communications.
  3. The players should at least be 2 inside an armed vehicle (APC, tank).
  4. The abandonment or the voluntary destruction of an ally vehicle is prohibited.
  5. The players must not destroy an ally FOB and her assets without the squad leader’s permission.
  6. The players waiting for switching team shall not give intels about the ennemy team to their friends.
  7. Main base camping is not allowed.
  8. The use of cheats or any other form of cheats is totaly prohibited.
  9. The use of glicths or bugs is also totaly prohibited.

2. As a squad leader

  1. The squad leader must have a working microphone. If it is not the case, he won’t be authorized to lead a squad.
  2. The squad leader need to have is squad leader kit at any time.
  3. The squad leader must communicate and play with the others squad leaders : notify them of the situation of the squad, her current goal or future actions.
  4. The squad leader must adapt to the others squad leaders language and be able to speak a basic english.
  5. The squad leader is free to lead his squad as he want. The as the possibily of excluding any player who don’t respect his orders. Before kicking someone out of the squad, he need to try to find a better solution to the problem he is facing.

4. Sanctions

  • Any first failure to the respect of the charter will result in a reminder to the concerned player(s) as well as the admin(s) of his team.
  • Then, in case of subsequent offences, the team will be directly excluded from the CoFra Squad.

5. Signatories

The teams shown below and represented by their administrators, have signed the charter of good conduct of the CoFra Squad.

Guitouzid & Exxpensive, representatives of the =EaSy= Company

Raptor_Rico & Rakuen, representatives of the French Squadron