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General Rules

  1. For all complaints, please contact an administrator directly on :
    1. In-game chat,
    2. Website : CoFra-Squad.fr,
    3. Discord CoFra:  https://discord.gg/wwq4SsF.
  2. The pseudonym has to use only the Latin alphabet number 1  (ISO/CEI_8859-1) .
  3. Any pseudonym doing the apology of violence will not be tolerated.
  4. Any offensive, racist or xenophobic behaviour will be punished, as well spam or troll.
  5. Any proven cheat use will result in a permanent ban on the server. Proof and SteamID will be published and forwarded to SquadBan to report the cheater to the community.
  6. Exploits of bugs in the game (glitch) will not be tolerated and will be sanctioned.
  7. People with a VACBAN of less than 3 years will not be accepted.
  8. An absent player (AFK) who does not answer calls from administrators can be kicked to free needed place on the server.
  9. A player with an average ping of 200ms or more can be kicked from the server to guarantee a good game experience.
  10. Recruitment or promotion of a team or community in public chat is strictly prohibited, both written and spoken. It is tolerated in squad chat.


  1. Each player must join a squad. A player who does not join a squad within 5 minutes may be kicked.
  2. The attack of the first enemy flag during the first 15 minutes of play is forbidden; except in Invasion and Insurgency game modes where mortars are allowed to fire on the first flag.
  3. Outside the Invasion and Insurgency modes, any attacks on the MainBase is forbidden (mines, IED and mortars included; in a radius of 150m).
  4. An involuntary Team Kill must be followed by an apology in the general chat, otherwise the player may be punished. A recidivist Team-Killer, even involuntary , can be sanctioned.
  5. The Squad Leader is free to manage his squad. It is asked to notify a player before kick.
  6. The Squad Leader must be equipped with Squad Leader kit .
  7. The Squad Leader must have a working microphone, and use it to communicate with his counterparts.
  8. English is the default language in the Squad Leaders channel. If all Squad Leaders are French-speaking, French language is allowed.
  9. Specialised Squads such as APC, Logistics, Tank or Mortars, have priority on vehicles . The speciality must appear in the name of the squad.
  10. The composition of a specialised squad must follow the following rules :
    1. Tank Squad : 3 Vehicles allowed maximum,
    2. APC Squad :  3 APC Vehicles allowed maximum,
    3. Logistics Squad : 2 Logistics Trucks allowed maximum,
    4. Mortars Squad : 1 Logistic Truck allowed maximum,
  11. A vehicle requiring the Crewman kit have to be handled by at least 2 players, at all times. If a player is left alone, it is mandatory to return to another Crewman teammate and the main gun of the vehicle can not be used .
  12. The abandon or voluntary loss of vehicle in enemy zone will be sanctioned.
  13. The destruction of an allied FOB / HAB must be approved by all Squad Leaders.