French Coalition Squad

The Coalition Française (aka French Coalition Squad) really started on Project Reality in 2010. It was founded by the =EaSy= and the French Squadron. With a flawless friendship and the desire to found a new coalition, we are back but Squad this time!

CoFra aims to bring together and welcome all French Teams as European with the same vision to achieve playing together in all situations: classics, specific events, tournaments, etc … Also, the coalition opens its doors to both lambdas players and members of other teams, allowing them to integrate the time of an evening, a team or a group of people. All in a friendly atmosphere.


=EaSy= Company

The = EaSy Company is a multi-gaming team, created in 2008. We started on Battlefield 2 : Project Reality mod before migrating to Squad. Currently, our team has a dozen players and is present on many games such as Squad, ArmA 3, PostScript, War Thunder, Minecraft, Project Reality, Company of Heroes, Paradox games and many more …

The = EaSy = Company is much more than a team of players: it is a group of friends who also participate in real life events.

Administrators :

  • =EaSy= Guitouzid – Founder
  • =EaSy= Generalgui – Recruitment Manager
  • =EaSy= Exxpensive – Public Relations Manager

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Founded in April 2011, the French Squadron is a team of players who evolved on the former mod of Battlefield 2: Project Reality and now on the new game, Squad.

The French Squadron is not just a game team, it’s a family where time forges the friendship, mutual aid and spirit of a united collective.
Building on the experience gained over many years on Project Reality, the players of the French Squad are able to adapt to all types of environments imposed by multiple maps, whether in the desert, urban, in the jungle or in the mountains, the [S_Fr] will respond present in each of these missions. All this in a fraternal, friendly and good-natured atmosphere

 Administrators :

  • Gary-Co – Founder
  • Raptor-Rico-[Fr] & Rakuen – Team Leaders
  • Raptor-Rico-[Fr] – Public Relations Manager
  • Blocks – Recruitment Manager

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