CoFra Squad
“Coalition Francophone Squad”

The French Coalition Squad, usually known as CoFra Squad is a cluster of several clan and teams around the game Squad. Originally created by the “=EaSy= Company” and the “French Squadron”, it is intended to regroup all the french teams signatories of a charter of good behavior. We organise each friday night a Squad game so don’t hesitate to join us on our Teamspeak server.

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Last news

CoFra is ready for TTF2

Hi Squaddies ! The Team 1sT holds for the second time the "Tournoi Team Française" (French Team Tournament) in order to bring together the whole french teams as well as francophone teams. Involved in the first edition and having finished 2e, we will do our best in order to reach the top ! More information to come... Wait and see...
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SQUAD Recap’ september 2018

Hey Squaddies ! Do you want your daily dribble of saliva ?! then here it is !! 😀 Attached is the recap : SQUAD Recap' September 2018
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